Advantages of Gantry Robots

Cartesian gantries are becoming the workhorse in manufacturing because of their customizable designs, high payload capacity, high velocity, and best value.  When compared to other robot technologies, gantry robots have a lot to offer.

Designed for Your Exact Application

Cartesian gantries are designed for your exact work envelope and axis count.  These robots, compared to other types of robots, are easily customizable and scalable for reach, cargo capacity, and workspace utilization.  This saves considerable cost as the system is optimized and reduces your equipment footprint.  If you only need 3 axes, simply specify and pay for three.  Why pay for 6 axes when 3 will accomplish the job.

High Payload Capacity Per Cost

Because of gantry systems robust linear bearing structure and 4 post mounting configuration, gantries have the highest payload capacity per cost.  Cost savings are typically 40% less when compared to other robot technologies.     

Ease of Programming & Commissioning

G-BOTICS manufactures an easy to deploy motion control solutions for any gantry robot configuration with easy to use "teach & go" programming using a teach pendant.   This simplistic, yet powerful, system enables gantry users to get their machines online and in production quickly and without the need for high level programming. 

Ease of Maintenance

With standard off the shelf components, most technicians can handle repairing mechanical components in the field – motors, gearboxes, profile rail, or belts.  There is no need to involve the OEM for simple maintenance repairs which is a typical process on complex 6 axis robot systems.   

High Cubic Workspace Utilization

Cartesian gantries have the benefit of being able to work overhead thus taking up less floor space while utilizing approximately 96% of the work envelope.

Optimized Motor & Gearbox Selection

The motor and gearbox selection can be sized to the exact velocity, torque, and reflected inertia requirements for your application.  This enables maximum system performance. 

Multiple Technologies for Best Fit Solution

Fast Delivery & Deployment

Scalable & High Speed

Gantry design enables the customer to use best fit technology for the application - belts for speed/accuracy, ballscrews for stiffness/force, linear motor for speed/accuracy, and pneumatic cylinder for lowest cost.  
Because belt driven actuators are built from commonly stocked items, customized gantries can be delivered within 6 weeks from order including gantry, actuators, gearboxes, cable management, and torque tubes.
From desktop size to 50 meters long, gantries can be built to almost any length and width.  Using belt technology and a rigid structure enables speeds up to 5M per second.