Specializing in Pre-Engineered Cartesian Gantry Systems

Gantry Robot Teach Pendant
"Teach & Go" Programming
Available UL508 Enclosures with Servo or Stepper Control
Up to 1000 Pound Load Capacity
Strokes Up to 35 Meters

Velocity Up to 5 Meters/Second

G-BOTICS manufacturers easy to deploy motion control solutions for any gantry robot configuration with easy to use "teach & go" programming.   This simplistic, yet powerful, system enables gantry users to get their machines online and in production quickly and without the need for high level programming.  

Program complex motion using teach pendant or PC

Up to 5 axis control standard

Simplifies system integration and commissioning

Economical gantry design

Drive agnostic with EtherCAT or pulse-and-direction control

"Teach & Go" Screenshot Examples

Main Screen
Recipe Creation
Recipe Selection - Select via Dropdown
Help Screen
Diagnostics - Live Analog IO Display
Diagnostics - Live IO Display

Compatible With All Gantry Types

We love this stuff.

Motion Control doesn't have to be intimidating. We have the experience to specify, supply, integrate and give you the keys to your next automation obsession.

Easy to use.  Proven Technology

Simplifies system integration and commissioning

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